Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The Perambulator is basically in modern times a "pram" if we look at the literal meaning it is crib on wheels. Seeing this in a tea leaf reading denotes new projects and fresh interests which will entail some changes and travelling.

A pram can be a symbol of an obsolete childhood or the desire to have a child in life. As we have already covered, the perambulator is the older term that is used in many tea leaf dictionaries. Basically, it incorporates the feeling of wanting to have children or be near children.

In a reading it can be associated with breaking away from childhood and indicates making a fresh start. There is a focus on common sense and intuition if seen near the corners of the cup.

Let’s consider the position of the perambulator in your tea reading.

Detailed meaning of the perambulator tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: in this position the perambulator normally denotes a new child. There is a focus on mystery and a new baby on the cards. This will help your own inner child to heal. Changes in life may come quickly. You could develop a focus on helping others.

The perambulator in the middle position: this time, there is ignorance around you, your likely to find yourself teaching others. There needs to be a focus on watching emotions and mood swings. It is important to let go of anything negative.

Bottom of teacup: not only does the perambulator represent fertility but also the inner-self which is full of knowledge. There maybe a dramatic change that will come quickly. It is focused on births, weddings and changes of home. There is a focus on harmony and making sure that one focuses on the emotions of others. Again, this is a symbol of fertility and also wisdom. There maybe strength needed to create something important. On a more negative note, there maybe possible problems in a relationship.

In conclusion the perambulator represents fruition and fertility. This symbol can suggest harmony but the fact is that you need to be strong. Love will be yours but comes at a price. There is the need for concentration on ones “inner child” in order to bring happiness to life.

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2013