Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Peak can be a mass of tea leaves in a clump that looks like a "peak" at the end. Ancient tea dictionaries denote that if this found in the teacup denotes elevation and high attainments.

The Peak is associated with being on a journey in life, you may find that other people around you have similar thoughts. The peak can also indicate progress. The basic message is that you will be starting on a road of riches. You will meet many people in your journey of life that can enlighten you or fulfill you. This can be either a spiritual or psychical journey of life.

The peak can also be associated with the following:

  • new beginning
  • fresh start
  • difficulties in the relationship
  • understanding others better
  • physical or spiritual undertaking
  • contentment and happy times

Let’s now consider the actual position of the peak appearing in the teacup. You may see many different peaks and these denote that you need to open up your spiritual side in life. Over many years you may notice that people turn to you for advice.

Detailed meaning of the peak tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: In this position of the teacup the peak illustrates the here and now. It is generally associated with something important that is going to happen in the near future. You see that there is nothing to fear if the peak appears in the top position.

Middle of teacup: to see the peak in the middle position suggests that you need to be aware of the unexpected. There may be a number of situations that may not go to plan however opportunities and new beginnings will be offered. There is a focus on a fresh start in life and a change of attitude towards a possible career change. The peak indicates a start of an important journey around you. Think about climbing to the top in life through self-discovery.

Bottom of teacup: seeing a peak in the bottom position of the teacup suggests not only the new start - but also a new way of thinking about different problems. One must be very careful not to trust other people reported choices.

Conclusion: in summary, peaks in the tea leaf reading indicate that one will be faced with many choices. Additionally, it can signify moving forward in life and starting something new.

There also may be a focus on independence and change. In ancient tea leaf dictionaries, the peak indicates the meaning in numerologist terms of zero.

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2013