Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Parson is known as a vicar or clergyman. The parson can also be associated with a man of god and the divine.

A parson is known as a vicar or clergyman. The parson can also be associated with a man of god and the divine. It maybe difficult to see a parson in a tea leaf reading. The actual figure could be next to a church or alternatively, you may see a man and make out a collar. So if you see a parson in your tea cup, it means that you are feeling inferior to others and that alone is making you not to achieve the goals you have in your life. Be yourself and stop trying to be someone whom you are not. Boost your self-esteem and life will treat you well. The symbol is also associated with good fortune.

Detailed meaning of the parson tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: if you see a parson on top of the teacup this denotes that, your identity may be causing problems and preventing you from progressing in life. You have stagnated because you are not showing the people what you can do in life.

Why not be yourself and let people help you to be “who you want to become?” That way, you will progress tremendously.

Try to develop your self-esteem and start by asking god - how do you get to the top in life?

One day you will definitely become the person who you want to be. Being a renown person in society comes with a price tag which is hard work.

The message is to put more effort into everything you do and you will eventually become successful.

Middle of cup: a parson in the middle of the teacup is an indicator that you are sliding slowly into being someone you are not. If you don't stop, this is going to affect your progress because people will assume you have achieved enough in life and you are comfortable, yet you still need help.

Stop where you are, be yourself and work hard towards the person you want to be in life. Stop faking because it won’t make you be who you really are not.

Try and ask how people in life have made it to the top and take on board - what they will tell you. This is a sure way of becoming a person others can trust - like the parson!

As long as you are a hard worker, you can have anything you want to be. You are not alone, many have walked your path in life.

Bottom of teacup: a parson at the bottom of the teacup is an indication that you must be yourself in life. You always strive to achieve your goals. This makes a difference in life and has resulted in being a great person in life that holds the respect of others. Your reputation has grown, and everyone around you is proud of you.

Scattered in the cup: more than one parson in the teacup is an indication that your life is full of wonderful things. The problem is that you're using these things to conceal your real identity. Why can't you embrace hard work and change your life for the better? The faking has an end to it and it will be disastrous because, once people realize that you are fake, you will lose a lot of friends. Be yourself and strive to achieve your heart's desires. You can draw a plan - list all that you want to achieve in life then set timelines for each goal. From there, with the help of friends, start working hard to achieve. With determination, you will be able to go far and even surpass what you were trying to fake.

Conclusion: in life, hard work and honesty will give you what your heart desires. Try to emulate those people who inspire you!

Do exactly what they have done in life. Talk to friends or God if you are religious of your heart's desire and it might just speed your pace to achieving it. Always be yourself is the key message!

By Florance Saul
Apr 5, 2013