Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The Parallel is a line or an object which is positioned side by side.

As a symbol, it represents equality. So if you happen to see a parallel in your teacup, it will mean that you are operating on equal terms with those around you and you don’t have reason to remain behind.

You have what it takes to become successful like your friends but you can also become as poor as those in your circle who are struggling in life. The choice is completely up to you.

Detailed meaning of the parallel tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: if you see a parallel line at the top of your teacup, it means that you have to work hard to make it in life and be on the same level as your friends ahead of you. If you don’t work, you might find yourself on the same level as those who are struggling to make it in life. You should ensure that you follow suit of those who are ahead of you because you are competing on equal ground and there is no reason for you to remain behind whilst they meet their daily goals. Laziness will lead you to the bottom amongst your friends, because everyone is struggling to move ahead, so if you relax a bit, they will come and leave you behind.

Middle of cup: when a parallel line is seen in the middle of the teacup, it means that being on the same level with your friends, even if you are ahead of them, there are possibilities that, they can work hard and be on top. This should be your driving force to make you work harder on a daily basis to avoid being left behind. Make sure that, you associate with big thinkers; those who plan for goals which are hard to achieve but which they struggle to achieve. Once you get yourself recharged both with the inner and physical energy, there is nothing to stop you from becoming the top person in your league.

Bottom of teacup: a parallel line at the bottom of the teacup is an indication that, you are not on the same level as your friends because they have more ideas that are driving them to have more goals in life. You need to wake up and start thinking seriously about how to better your life. Life provides equal opportunities to everyone, but, there are those who work hard at every opportunity available to them while others are too lazy to ever accomplish even one. You are in the category of the lazy ones and that is why you may have started together with your friends, but right now, you cannot compete with them because they are too far away from you in terms of developments.

Scattered in the teacup: scattered parallels lines in your teacup are an indication that you are competing on the same level as your friends and that is why you need to keep on working hard because if you relax, they will leave you behind. There is no time to waste at this junction; put all your energy in whatever you are investing in so that you can continue to be on the same level as your colleagues.

Conclusion: life provides us with equal opportunities, but we are the determining factor on how we use the opportunities to shape our destiny.

By Florance Saul
Apr 2, 2013