Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Pants in most cases refer to trousers or underpants.

As a symbol, it shows that you are prepared to go to the outside world to be seen and at the same time, interact with others; it means you are making progress in your life; you are in charge; you are the authority. So if you happen to see pants in the teacup, it means that you are an authority to reckon and your progress in life can be recognized. You can travel far and wide and still, you will make an impact on those you meet on your way.

Detailed meaning of the Pants tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: pants seen on top of the teacup are an indication that you are one person who is an authority that people rely on. You are free to travel because your authority is needed in a wider area and not just where you stay.

Make sure to use it wisely to expand your territory in leadership and power. Through it, you will be able to progress tremendously. Be a shining example whom others can look for in terms of help and advice. Don’t ever be mean to share your knowledge with your subjects because sharing is what will make you become even more famous.

Middle of cup: pants in the middle of the teacup are an indication that you are about to become an authority to reckon in life and when it comes, use it wisely without arrogance.

Use it to make more friends through whom you will be able to make a quick rise in life. You will be required to travel all around so make sure that in preparation for that your papers are ready so that when the time comes, you are not caught off guard without a passport or any other requirements for traveling. You are going to be a representative for your business or job in various meetings and conferences and that you must prepare in advance.

Bottom of teacup: pants in the bottom of the teacup are an indication that you don’t have the qualities to be an authority to represent your job or business anywhere. Whatever you have done in the organization thus far is not enough to give you the title of a leader. You need to work hard in order to become one because that is the only way you will become authoritative. Intense effort pays off. Rest assured that even if it will take several years before you get to the top, somehow, there is hope at the end of the tunnel. The harder the path, the greater the reward. Keep going forward.

Scattered in the cup: scattered pants in the teacup are an indication that you are surrounded by authoritative people but you are not. What should you do to climb up the ladder and become an authority to reckon? Hard work is what you need in your life; make sure that you work diligently on whatever you are allocated to do and that will eventually lead to promotions in your workplace and others will come to realize your potential and welcome your suggestions whenever you are discussing something; your suggestions will be valued and this will automatically lead to a promotion.

Conclusion: When you become an authority, everything else changes around you and you become valued and have respect from all corners of your life.

This will automatically lead to promotions and other success added values which will see to it that you climb the ladder of prosperity.

By Florance Saul
Apr 2, 2013