Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

An Oyster is found in saltwater.

These are rough, irregular shells and the inside of an Oyster you may find a pearl, which is used a defense in many mollusks.

Let’s for now consider what an oyster means in a tea leaf reading!

It symbolizes that you have a tendency to defend yourself without a visible reason. It can also suggest frustration, attracting the attention of a loved one; wealth gained after a conflict with family members; a sign of change in your life. So what happens when you see a pearl in your teacup? It means that your struggles have seen you conflicting with family, but at long last, you are about to get success out of it. This success has attracted a strong bond between you and the one you have an intimate relationship with.

All you need to do at the moment is to control your anger outbursts because they will just cause you frustration - and you will not enjoy your success to the fullest

Detailed meaning of the oyster tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: oysters on top of your teacup is an indication that you have finally decided to move forward in life.

You have achieved what you have been fighting for, and you have secured love. What you need to do is, avoid anger outbursts because it will drive you back to square one, from where you started your struggles from. Frustrations should be a thing of the past, and you should be able to enjoy success in life. Your wealth has to be guarded well.

Middle of cup: an oyster in the middle of the teacup is an indication that, you have to continue working hard because you still have obstacles which are being created by your family members.

Stick to your principles until you achieve what you want. Avoid anger outbursts because they will cause people to be sympathetic with your enemies - instead of you! Thereby denying you the chance to gain wealth you are struggling to get.

Your relationship with your loved one should not be ignored due to what is happening in your life, if anything, it should even grow stronger.

Bottom of teacup: an oyster at the bottom of the teacup is an indication that, you are one person who doesn't like stepping on the toes of your loved ones to achieve wealth. You are composed and rarely portray temper tantrums. This has enabled you to be at peace with those who are surrounding you. In the process, you are gaining a lot of favors from both family and friends, and this is what is causing you to be wealthy without conflict. Keep it up because this is what will make you a respectable leader and a real family person.

More than one found in the cup: more than one oyster in your teacup is an indication that, you need to evaluate your relationship with family members because it can continue causing friction.

Talk to others to seek out your differences and allow for dialogue because that way, you will be able to control your anger outbursts - which are the cause of misunderstanding. Your character is having a negative impact on your life causing unnecessary stress.

Conclusion: at no given time will be negative bring you happiness. Control your emotions and live with those around you in harmony.

By Florance Saul
Apr 2, 2013