Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Opera glasses are a small set of glasses which are used in theater or opera.

They make things clear just like magnifying glasses or binoculars.

In life, they can apply to a process whereby things are made better through an inner understanding of what is happening. You are responsible for taking care of things in order to make them better.

As a symbol, it represents curiosity combined with annoyance. So if you happen to see these “rounded” glasses in the tea cup, it means that you are one person who cannot be easily deceived because you see through the lies of others and this can result in you looking like a fool. You may automatically annoy others greatly.

Detailed meaning of the opera glasses tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: if you happen to see the opera glass at the top of the teacup, it means that you are smart. Many people will be annoyed with you because you can see through their lies and tell the difference between being fake and true. Even though this attribute can make you lose friends, it is a plus for you! This is because at least the few you are remaining with are true friends who will make you proud. They are an asset to your life due to the fact that through their good character, you have trust in them and you can do a lot of things together.

Middle of cup: an opera glass in the middle of the teacup is an indication that you are about to gain in life. You have to continue developing yourself - because at the end of the day you are a positive person.

Make sure you be a respectable person; someone whom people can turn to in times of trouble. And with time, you will become a great person in your society who will command respect.

Bottom of teacup: an opera glass at the bottom of the teacup implies that you are ignorant of what happens in life.

This has made people take advantage of you. They don’t tell you the truth to you, and you just follow blindly without questioning, and it has led you to have many troubles in life. If you continue with the same intent, you might end up being more miserable than you are at the moment.

Try to decipher through what people tell you before acting. Most of those who surround you are dishonest and not people to rely on. Try to look for trustworthy friends who will make it possible for you to achieve greatness in your life.

More than one found in the cup: more than one opera glass in your teacup is an indication that, greatness seems to be elusive in your life and that is why you feel and sound frustrated. You don’t know whom among your friends should be trusted or not. This is because someone has once lied to you and made you suffer the consequences of their lies and you don't want to risk again. Try to look for new friends whom you can develop trust with, and they might just lead you to the greatness which seems too near yet too far.

Conclusion: greatness can be achieved through hard work and associating with the right people in life. You don’t need to trust your friends wholly because they might just lead you in the wrong direction. At times it is good to trust your own instinct.

By Florance Saul
Apr 2, 2013