Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Oats are cereal plants which are found in cold climates, and they are normally used as animal and human feed.

As a symbol, they represent good health, nutrition, kindness, improvement, treasures, and finances.

So if you see the oats in your tea leaf reading, it means that you are healthy due to the fact that you need or have been eating nutritious food which has made you healthy. Your finances will be on the rise, and if anyone owed you any money, they would pay up. You are about to discover new treasures regarding new job opportunities, new business and new friends who will impact on you positively.

Detailed meaning of the oats tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: oats on top of the teacup is an indication that, you are healthy thanks to your lifestyle. When it comes to monetary issues, you are well.

It seems like nobody owes you because your debtors have decided that enough is enough, and they have paid you.

You are doing fine regarding business, expanding into new territories while having a boost in the existing ones. Your kindness has drawn so many good friends, and everything is going well for you.

Middle of cup: oats in the middle of the teacup is an indication a good healthy lifestyle. You are physical, emotionally, socially, and even spiritually healthy. Due to the kindness that you portray, it won't be long before your businesses start flourishing. Your boss has started noticing your hard work, and in due time, you are likely going to get a promotion, or if you own business, this will go well. Keep up with the hard work because you will accomplish your goals.

Bottom of teacup: if the oats are at the bottom of the teacup it means that your unkind nature is causing problems. We can all be unkind in life, but you have been under a large amount of stress recently. Make sure you do not lose friends who could have otherwise helped you to climb the success ladder. There is someone close how is lonely. This loneliness is impacting negatively on their health and making them spiritually, socially, mentally, academically, emotionally, and physically drained. You need to evaluate who this person is and maybe help them or offer some assistance.

More than one found in the cup: scattered oats in the teacup is an indication that you are struggling to create a plan in life.

Your finances are doing a somersault resulting in hard times.

You seem to be worrying health wise, and this needs to be controlled because it can lead to serious health problems. It is very easy to turn the clock; make sure that you are kind to those who surround you, and all will be well.

Conclusion: kindness leads to one having several friends, you will need to look to others for assistance. They will be able to help you out financially, and through this, the treasures of life will be uncovered.

By Florance Saul
Apr 2, 2013