Numbers seen in tea leafs readings

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

So, you could see numbers in your tea leaf reading?

How spooky I hear you say. And you are wondering what each number can mean. Well the good news Is that we have dissected the different numbers of tea leaf readings and given them a breakdown of between one and 10. it is important to try to approach the numbers in& the tea Leaf cup as the same as numerology, in that we have the numbers together in order to get a single digit number.

Any cipher or figure has its special meaning. The numbers could represent a special day or event in the near future, alternatively the numbers can suggest ways in which these numbers were effectual life in the future. One of the greatest pleasures is to understand what the number means to the person. Now that you are familiar how numbers are used in tea leaves it is important for us to introduce a different type numbers and their significance in tea reading.

Detailed meaning of the numeral tea leaf symbol

Numbers one, five and seven in your teacup

These numbers are associated with you thinking and understanding thing you may need somebody that will inspire you and help you move forward in life. If you crave adventure in life then seeing numbers one, five and seven in your teacup anywhere illustrates that you will pursue your goals.

Seeing numbers two, four and eight in your teacup

Numbers two, four and eight in your reading is associated with your own business. We spend a lot of time thinking about things processing business goals in life, to see these numbers appear in your reading is connected to business minded carer bouts and the establishing of financial security. Ultimately you are the caretaker of the family and everybody depends on you.

So you could see numbers three, six and nine in your teacup

Seeing these numbers are connected to creativity. It indicates you will be creative in the future. There is a risk that you think problems will be automatically fixed and probably get distressed over your job, if it is not creative enough.

This should give you a basic understanding of what these numbers mean in your dream. As we have said in the opening paragraph the numbers can also be related to specific dates that are important in your life.

By Florance Saul
Apr 2, 2013