Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Negative is something which is lacking distinguishing features, something which is undesirable.

As a simple in a teacup, a negative represents the minus before a number.

In your dream you may have seen -1, -2, -3 or minus any other number. So if you happen to see a negative number in your teacup your needs are not being met. It means that you will have to go without some of your basic needs due to a mistake.

Detailed meaning of the negative tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: when you see a negative number on the top of the teacup it suggests that you are lacking direction at the moment due to a mistake you made in the past.

You have to remember what it was that is affecting your present life. If it is not working hard, you have to correct the vice and start working hard.

This is the only way you can correct it and make sure that your present and future is not affected at all. This will mean that you have to endure, persevere, and be determined to make it work for you as soon as possible.

Middle of cup: when a negative number is found in the middle of the teacup it implies that you need to work extra hard. If you relax, even a bit, you will find yourself unable to meet your basic needs. Whatever you decide in life focus on your inner strength because that is the only way you can achieve. All you need is to avoid negative people. These are people who will discourage you and make you give up on your dreams in life.

Bottom of teacup: when you see a negative number at the bottom of the teacup it means that you are a hard worker and there is no single day that you do not think about your future. You make sure that all your goals are met at the stipulated time and day. Your needs are met and you have a surplus to keep you going and also give to those who are around you. Keep it up, because if you relax, you never know how things might turn out. Always remain focused especially on creating prosperity.

Scattered in the teacup: when scattered negative numbers are seen in your teacup this should create an alarm bell - because it means that you are facing many needs in life.

If you need to change tact you maybe shocked at how things will turn out in life. Draw a plan and make sure that you stick to it. Ensure that your goals are accomplished at the right time. Once this is done, you will be a prosperous person in life.

Conclusion: in order to fulfill your needs you need to be a hard working person.

By Florance Saul
Apr 2, 2013