Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Necklace is an ornament which is worn around the neck.

As a symbol, it represents hope, affection, attraction, unity and cohesion. So what happens if, while reading your tea leaf, you see a necklace in your tea cup? It will mean that your attraction has won your affection to the one thing you love in life and it is going to create interconnection and harmony among those who are surrounding you.

Detailed meaning of the necklace tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: a necklace on top of the teacup is an indication that you are now united with your loved ones and there are much unity and cohesion. This is a happy moment, which needs to be celebrated. Make sure you sort out all the differences which made you separate in the first place to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Unity is important for the growth of a family or a workplace, because, once it is present, you are sure that you and your colleagues or family are going to work together towards a common goal.

Middle of cup: A necklace in the middle of the teacup is an indication that you need to work hard to enable you to regain the love which you seem to be losing. Without it, you will stagnate in whatever you are struggling to achieve.

You are almost there and that is why you have to put in extra effort to achieve soonest. Without unity, it will be impossible to achieve your goals; make sure that you try to come to terms with what is causing the disunity between you and your colleagues at work, at your place of business or even in your marriage. Focus your mind towards the positive and see the unity or peace that you visualize in your mind come to life for real.

Bottom of teacup: a necklace at the bottom of the teacup indicates that you are full of hate and that it seems impossible to let you make it up with your colleagues at work and your relatives at home. You have created such a strong bridge of hate that is making cohesion impossible. This and more is what is making you be unable to achieve anything in life.

You have stagnated with the same business, in the same position at work due to these bridges you are creating in your life. Your negativity is seething and people don’t like this. If you keep up your behavior you will push away people that love you, where then you will feel alone and sad.

Scattered in the cup: scattered necklaces in your teacup denote that you are really trying to throw a love here, unity there, in order to attract people into your life who will make it possible for you to succeed.

Conclusion: Unity combined with cohesion will attract love and achievement in life. People from all walks of life will be attracted to you and in the process, impact you positively thus, enabling you to achieve your goals in life.

Grab every opportunity that comes your way and discard any negative energies.

By Florance Saul
Apr 2, 2013