Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A Mushroom is a fungal domed cap, which normally grows on a stalk.

As a symbol, it represents growth as one going through hardships and difficult period. If you see a mushroom in your teacup, it means that you are a very strong person, fit to be a leader and handle challenges like a boss. Despite the difficult times you have undergone, you continue to reach towards success and somehow manage to always land on your feet.

Detailed meaning of the mushroom tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: A mushroom at the top of the teacup is an indication that you are born a leader who can survive just about anything that life throws at you. You have made it despite having a difficult beginning. This means that you are designated to be a leader to lead people through thick and thin. When things are going bad, you have the capacity to control your subjects and lead them accordingly; when things are okay, you have the wisdom to advise them on how to handle their success and invest wisely for a rainy day in the future.

Middle of cup: a mushroom in the middle of the teacup indicates that you are about to grow into one of the most respectable individuals in the world. You have what it takes to rise to the top. All you need to do now is to persevere the hardship which you are experiencing along the way and you will reap the fruits very soon. Patience is virtual which has to be cultivated and in due course, it bears fruits which will lead you to be a leader. When that time comes, you need to make sure that you lead your subjects with respect.

Bottom of teacup: a mushroom at the bottom of the teacup is an indication that you have stagnated in your growth because you cannot withstand hardships. In order to become a leader in your household, workplace, at your place of business, you need to have withstood several obstacles but much of this has been based on luck rather than actually working hard to succeed. If you want to be a leader and get the respect that you think that you deserve then you need to be more assertive and independent. Stop waiting for solutions to be handed to you. Nothing in life is free.

Scattered in the cup: scattered mushrooms in the teacup denotes that you keep on swaying from one situation to the next. There are times when you are strong enough to handle difficult situations in life and there are times when you wither, unable to handle anything at all. You have to remain strong in all situations in order to be a leader in your area of specialty. No leader can be successful if they keep on faltering. Get the best advisors to work on your case and make sure that you develop the characteristics of a leader. You are a leader in waiting.

Conclusion: strength is necessary in order for one to withstand hardships that come along their way in life’s journey. You need to be focused because you have the qualities of a leader and you will automatically become one.

By Florance Saul
Apr 2, 2013