Mannikin Symbol In Tea Leaves

What does Mannikin symbol mean in tea leaves

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings




A manikin is a small pet bird with a black, brown, and white plumage.

You may see an outline of this in your teacup.


As a symbol, it represents inadequacy. If you see a manikin in your teacup, it implies that you are being represented with a situation which you are not happy about. It is time you dedicated your time and energy to make a situation a success.



Consider yourself focused in life so you can benefit from a situation.



Top of teacup: seeing a manikin on the top of a teacup is an indication that you are inadequately handling a situation and this is proving unproductive. You need to be actively involved in making yourself work faster in life.



You have to put in all your energy to gain success. In time you will see the fruits of your labor. Get involved as if your life depends on it and you will be shocked at how things will work well.



Middle of cup: when you see a manikin in the middle of the teacup, it implies that you will find yourself in a situation whereby you need to commit yourself - all in order to become successful. Try to think about what needs to be achieved. If the manikin is flying in your teacup think about what you need to learn in life.



Think about how work out situations affecting you, independently without having to consult with others.



This will help you when, as a group, you will be faced with a situation where a solution is required. You will need to come out as the strong one and help others understand a solution as fast as possible.  



Bottom of teacup: a manikin seen at the bottom of the teacup denotes a happy time in life. This has resulted in contentment. Use your wisdom and knowledge to help those who are in need of help due to the difficult situations which are presented before them. When you assist others, they will always be indebted to you. You will be able to prosper in whatever you aim for in life. You are in a position to help others - whatever their situation.



Scattered in the teacup: scattered manikins in your teacup is an indication that you need to be wary because you have several situations in your life which need your close attention. It can mean you are neglecting others and this will become a problem as time goes by.



Form a strategy if faced with problems. Get the help of those who have made it through tough times. If the manikin is flying then commit your time, money and energy to everything that you do. This will give you a through pass to victory in situations that you are currently facing.



Conclusion: when you are handling something important please make sure you devote yourself to a task and gain a speedy solution.


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