Log Symbol In Tea Leaves

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

It is part of a trunk or a tree.

A log can also be used in a fire for heat. It can also refer to an official event record when an aircraft or a ship is on a voyage. As a symbol, the log is a sign of success and profitability in life.

If you happen to see a log in your teacup, it means that, whatever you are doing or planning to do, will be successful and profitable to you. A log can appear in many different formats, but the good news is that this is a positive omen in your tea leaf reading.

Detailed teacup meaning of seeing a log

Top of teacup: if the log happens to be seen in the top position of the teacup, it means that you have reached your peak when it comes to success and you are enjoying profits. If you are in business, this is doing well with orders, and you are seeing many customers.

In the case of relationships, your life is flourishing, and you and your partner are intimate, no quarrels or disagreements. In the case, you are employed, and are, at the top of your career, make sure you ask for for a raise from your boss. For friends, you are having positive relationships, and they are blessing your life. They are also helping you to move further up the ladder of success.

Middle of cup: if the log is in the middle of the teacup in a tea leaf reading, it means you still working extra hard in order to enjoy success in your life. You can continue to work hard for success. Make sure you associate yourself with friends who are positive, whom will motivate you to achieve a goal.

Avoid negative people in your life who will drag you down. It is high time you cultivate your relationship with your loved one’s because, when you feel you don’t have peace it will impact negatively on your undertakings and you won’t be able to achieve your goals. At your place of work, make sure you work hard in order to enjoy a promotion.

Bottom of teacup: if you see the log at the bottom of your teacup, it denotes that you feel somewhat unsuccessful in life. You should relax and not give up on everything. You need to work harder to make sure time is not wasted. Try to review situations and find out where you went wrong. If it is a business that you have had problems with you may be worried about fail. If it is a relationship that has collapsed, this does not mean that you cannot commence an alternative relationship with someone. Try to work extra hard to make life successful. You have the potential, and it is up to you to make your life better. This is not the time for self-pity, it is time to work hard.

Scattered in the cup: scattered logs in the tea cup are an indication that success is important to you, utilize what you can out of live and make sure you do things that benefit you. Seeing a tree near a log indicates growth. If you see gaps in either symbol, this means that life does not seem to bring too much prosperity.

Take a chance to sit down and come up with new ways in which will be able to make a bigger business profit. There are goals you have been yearning to achieve. For a relationship, if you communicate you will be able to work out the best course of action. Help others, and you will be desired by all and sundry. At your place of work, make sure that, whatever you do, it is something that will please your boss; struggle for recognition always.


Success and profitability are the fruits of your labor. Make sure that your labor well and you will not be disappointed in life.

By Florance Saul
Apr 1, 2013