Lizard Symbol In Tea Leaves

What does Lizard symbol mean in tea leaves

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings



The lizard is associated with being sceptical about something, this is also associated with a other people.

It may be that you require counselling. Accepting things in life can be quite a difficult task; to see the lizard in your tea leaf reading signals a big change, one which entails leaving some thing entirely behind to enter into something new.

Like shutting the door of an job, and also opening the doorway to an alternative and extremely different career.

It's really hard to sometimes walk away from things when the lizard appears as it relates to difficult decisions. Plus it signifies going through something that most tea leaf drinkers don't wish to encounter.

This is not about dying, it's about recognizing that you are keeping something which needs to be let it go.


In your teacup you may have:

  • Discovered a lizard.
  • Seen an lion symbol that's broken.
  • Witnessed the outline of a lion symbol.


Detailed meaning of seeing a lion in your teacup...

Top of teacup: let something go now. Think about moving on if the lizard is on the rim of the cup.

Bottom of teacup: situated in the bottom of the teacup, the lizard demonstrates a new lover, a man or woman will ask you questions. Finding harmony is necessary, especially in connection to a long-term romantic relationship.

Middle of teacup: you will encounter a good chance to enhance your financial affairs.

More than one lizard: indicates that you are a person who can easily deal with lots of issues or problems. This also shows that your strong in the face of opposition.

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