Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

This elegant cat reminds you that it is futile to test someone.

A leopard doesn’t change its spots. At the base from the teacup, a leopard alerts of inadvertent problems and delays. Expect your life to be filled with a sly person, who cannot be trusted and wealth once you notice a leopard symbol within your tea leaf reading.

Such omen will appear if your current existence makes you feel out of control. If you somehow notice that things are way out of control in your life you have to still keep in mind that the symbol is a positive one.

You will have a prosperous life in the near future if you found a leopard positioned on the top. When you see this symbol it also means that you have the freedom to decide for your future. You're efforts won't go to waste when you work hand in hand with other people.

Your will benefit spiritually and materially when you see this positive symbol. Seeing the leopard on the side of your teacup means that in the near future, you will control someone in a positive way. Putting this power into good use is the first logical step that you should take. New beginnings are usually associated with multiple leopard symbols in your tea leaf reading.

Detailed meaning of seeing a leopard in your teacup

In your teacup you may have

  • Seen a leopard symbol.
  • Witnessed a leopard running.

Meaning of leopard in your tea leaf reading

  • Top of teacup: a situation which requires a delicate approach is represented by a leopard near the top of your tea leaf reading. A Leopard is commonly associated with a fresh start or an important peak of your existence. To appear at the top , means that this opportunity is going to dominate soon.
  • Lines are not continuous: broken lines basically represent limited success. This tells that you value your loved ones and consider them as the most important people around you. This is an excellent chance for you to demonstrate your loyalty and faithfulness. It also emphasizes that you might be fighting a certain form of uncontrollable behaviour.
  • Bottom of teacup: Such symbol suggests that you have a new chance to make change in your life, however these opportunities cannot be traced back to your past. Which basically suggests that you blew away your chances. Another meaning this symbol suggests is that you will live a disease free life.
  • Side of teacup: Business ventures and a good lasting health are the things waiting for you in the near future.
  • Small symbol: A small symbol represents a choice that needs to be made which bring about a significant change. It's going to be a positive change but can only be achieved later in life.
  • Large symbol: A fear of the unknown and a prosperous existence is mostly associated with a large leopard symbol.

This is a sign of stealthy enemies whose machinations will disturb your peace of mind and may go further to your hurt and undoing. It is a sign that calls for more than ordinary caution and circum­spection.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012