Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A lamb signifies a light and timid person.

It sometimes can symbolize the innocence of the child. When the lamb is switched toward the handle, it reassures you that there will be plenty of funds and provisions for you in the future.

Also that relaxation will be yours for the rest of the season. If it is facing away, it signifies that you will have sufficient but no surplus.

If you notice a running lamb within your tea leaf reading then this is a good sign which symbolizes a sly person, who cannot be trusted and success. Feeling challenges from a loved one can easily set off this omen to appear. Even though things maybe out of control in your life, the symbol is positive.

As the lamb signifies a timid person this is a positive omen. Obviously there is someone out there for you if you are still single. To see a lamb with a sheep means you will do things in a very predictable way. If you notice the lamb in the top position it means you will have a prosperous time in the distant future. Your desires will come true!

When you see this symbol it also means that you have the freedom to decide on your future. You'd definitely doing the right thing and will be rewarded for your hard work especially if you are working with really reliable people.

Furthermore, this is a positive symbol and will surely bring you a lot of good things in your life both spiritually and materially. Maybe it's time to reflect on how you should have lived you life and how you can make your existence better. According to old tea leaf reading dictionaries, this is a indication that your effort won't go to waste as you will be rewarded for it. Small steps will bring you closer to greater success.

Detailed meaning of seeing an lamb in your teacup

In your teacup you may have

  • Seen the outline of a lamb.
  • Noticed a lamb.

Meaning of a lamb in your tea leaf tea leaf reading

  • Top of teacup: a situation which requires a delicate approach is represented by a lamb near the top of your tea leaf reading. A lamb is commonly associated with a fresh start or an important peak of your existence. Seeing it at the top position generally means a possible manifestation of good things in the future.
  • Lines of the lamb outline are broken: broken lines basically represent limited success. This is the perfect opportunity to prove your loyalty. It also emphasizes that you might be fighting a certain form of uncontrollable behaviour.
  • Bottom of teacup: finding a symbol at the bottom of the teacup, is a hint for a new opportunity and a fresh new start that will more likely happen in the future but these things can't be seen even if you look back into your past. Which basically suggests that you blew away your chances.
  • Side of teacup: business ventures and a good lasting health are the things waiting for you in the near future if you see this symbol at the side of the tea leaf reading.
  • Near handle: the nearness of the symbol to the handle decides the rate at which you will acquire a sly person, who cannot be trusted. If the symbol is close to the bottom it suggests that you have a physical or emotional barrier preventing you from connecting with another person.
  • Middle of teacup: minor worries will dissipate.
  • Small symbol: a small symbol represents a choice that needs to be made which bring about a significant change. It's going to be a positive change but can only be achieved later in life.
  • Large lamb: a fear of the unknown and a prosperous existence is mostly associated with seeing a large lamb.
  • A sign of special powers which will bring you into association with a person in high position and enable you to exercise much power for go^ ^ the world. You have the qualities of leadership in you, and with proper definition of purpose can affect your highest ideals.
  • A lamb in the clear, fortunate changes coming in springtime.
  • If straight lines are near they indicate a straight course to advancement while young.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012