Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A lake in your teacup signifies that you’re feeling calm and psychologically rested.

Additionally, it may symbolize somebody that is an extremely profound thinker. Still waters run deep. If your tea leaf reading shows a lake symbol then you can expect a sly person, who cannot be trusted and wealth.

This omen usually appears in relation to your feelings. You have experienced dramatic uncontrollable emotions. Even if it reflects chaos in your life a lake is a good sign and not to be something you should worry about.

Someone might just be looking forward to visiting you. To see a large lake means you do things in a certain way. Your future will be prosperous if the lake is in the top position. To see the lake in the bottom of the cup means you will be greeted with a many a sly person, who cannot be trusted. Guidance and advice are symbolized by the lake symbol. It's a sign that you must believe in yourself.

When you see this symbol it also means that you have the freedom to decide on your future. You are making great improvements to better yourself, specifically if you must work in conduction with other people. Importantly, this symbol is positive and it will offer some good things, mostly spiritually and materially.

If you notice the lake on the side of your teacup then this symbol indicates that you will have some positive power over an individual in the future. Putting this power into good use is the first logical step that you should take. In old tea leaf reading dictionaries a lake symbol represents great rewards for all your tireless efforts.

A humble beginning will bring about greater things. It may also indicate that a past relative will repent and come back, asking you to forgive them. If the lake symbol is next to another larger symbol then this denotes bad luck, trouble, issues and possible loss of funds. There may be some issues that you need to take care of. To sum up - this symbol is positive and seeing the lake in your teacup means you will most probably enjoy a future filled with numerous blessings. Be aware of nearby symbols to find out what surprises may be coming to you soon.

Detailed meaning of seeing an lake in your teacup

In your teacup you may have

  • Found an lake symbol.
  • Seen an lake symbol that's broken.
  • Seen the outline of a lake symbol.
  • Notice a damaged outline of an lake.
  • Seen a large lake within your teacup.

Meaning of a lake symbol in your teacup

  • Top of Teacup: to see a lake in the position at the top of your teacup represents an issue that will require a gentle approach. A lake may represent a new life or a special moment in your life. To appear at the very top position, signifies that you will triumph in the near future.
  • Lines are not continuous: broken lines basically represent limited success. This tells that you value your loved ones and consider them as the most important people around you.
  • Bottom of teacup: for this symbol to be shown towards the bottom of the teacup is a suggestion that new chances and new beginnings will occur but they are hidden in your past. this also means that you had a lot of wasted opportunities in your past. To see the symbol featured towards the bottom is also a signal that you will be in good shape for most of your life.
  • Side of teacup: a lake on the side position represents good health for your whole life and you will achieve success in any type of business.
  • Middle of teacup: things are going to get easier.
  • Near handle: the closer to the handle the symbol appears the greater your chances of overcoming a hurdle, either physical or emotional, between you and another individual.
  • Small lake: a small symbol means you need to decide on something and your choice will bring forth change. This change may very well be positive but it's likely to come later on.
  • Large lake: a large lake signifies that you can look forward to prosperous times and that you fear the unknown. You must decide whether to accept a persons' flirtatious actions as a indication of affection or just a mere form of an emotional game.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012