Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A ladle is a spoon which has a shape of a cup and it is used to serve sauce, stew, or soup.

As a symbol, it is a sign of good health, hope, and nourishment. If you happen to see a ladle in your tea cup, it means that you are mentally, physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually healthy. You have been fed well to the extent that you are glowing with health. You are a person whose mind is settled because you are hopeful of having a bright future.

Detailed meaning of the ladle tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: now if you are reading your tea leaf and you find that the ladle is at the top of the teacup you need to be satisfied because life is kind to you. There is nothing which is disturbing you and every situation in life is under control.

You have been able to eat the right nutrients to satisfy your body and soul and that is the cause of your good health; you are well nourished. Due to this, you have become so successful, and you still have a hope of progressing further.

Middle of cup: seeing a ladle in the middle of the teacup is an indication that, you need to think more about your diet. Check out the nutrients that you may not be consuming. If spiritually you are not fed well, you can take a bold step to change.

Change your diet and eat something better; if it is your emotions which are suffering, get rid of some of the burdens you might be carrying by delegating tasks. You are supposed to have a healthy soul in a healthy body.

Bottom of teacup: to see a ladle at the bottom of the teacup, implies you are hopeless, sick and poorly nourished. This is dangerous for both you and those who are around you because it means that, you have an unhealthy soul in an unhealthy body which can lead to problems. You are capable of collapsing due to a lack of physical energy. It might cause unbearable issues in life, and instability in your emotions. These are not the best qualities to have, and you have to work extra hard to get rid of them.

Scattered in the cup: scattered ladles in your teacup is an indication that you have mood swings due to being physical, emotionally, spiritually and socially unhealthy. This has turned you into a person who has outbursts for no good reason. You need to keep this emotional baggage away from others. Do not let emotions cause you to feel hopeless in life.


There is a reason to smile when a ladle is seen in your teacup because it is a sign that you are nourished well, you have hope in everything you are doing, and you are healthy. Take care of all the above attributes, scattered ladle’s mean problems emotionally.

By Florance Saul
Apr 1, 2013