Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

You have a part to play in life which will require courage and conviction.

The Kettledrum often appears any tea leaf reading when we are about to undertake an important event in life.

The kettledrum is a large flat -shaped drum, it may be difficult to define if you actually see a kettle drum or normal drum. Do not worry, the interpretations within the tea leaf dictionary are the same. There is a sense of blessed abundance in life and creative energy.

The good news of seeing a kettledrum means your excel in any field where communication skills are needed. At times you may find that you have your fingers in many pies and you don't always finish what you start.

This symbol is also associated to understand self discipline, concentration and hard work. The kettledrum within your tea leaf cup indicates an unusual charm and friendliness that will overcome any difficulties going forward. You really are a lover of freedom for yourself and for others.

Although you can succeed in business you're usually happier to focus in on the arts. Now, the meaning within your tea leaf reading depends solely upon how or where the symbolism is represented.

To see a flying kettledrum upon the rim of the tea leaf cup suggests that you are clever enough to get by on your own wits. There may be possibility in the future difficulties but you hold amazing financial gifts.

To see a flying kettledrum that is slightly dispersed indicates that results aren't quickly forthcoming. You must need to be more clever and versatile in life in order to deal with difficult people.

Detailed meaning of the kettledrum tea leaf symbol

Let's fill our look at the position of the kettledrum within your teacup:

Top position: In the top position the kettle drum indicates somebody will communicate with you in a positive manner in the future. This could be a new job prospect alternatively a new relationship.

Middle position: To see the kettle drum in the middle part of the teacup indicates that times will become happier. As we have already defined the kettle drum is associated with communication. You are likely to hear something that will inspire you!

Bottom position: Kettle drum found in the bottom position suggests that it is important not to feel down or depressed in life. There is always so much for us to do and it is difficult for us to do sometimes find the time needed for certain projects.

By Florance Saul
Apr 1, 2013