Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Seeing a kettle in your tea leaf reading is connected to goals in life. It can also signify that you require help.

A kettle is a device which is used to boil water encompassing a handle, a lid, and a sprout. It is mostly used to serve beverages. As a symbol, a kettle represents new beginnings, renewal, magical forces, and rebirth.

If you happen to see a kettle in your teacup, it can simply mean that there is a possibility of turning negative situations into something better. Something which will be beneficial to you.

Detailed meaning of the kettle tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: a situation whereby you see a kettle at the top of the teacup, means that you have the power to turn the present bad situation in your life into something meaningful and useful. Once you succeed in doing this, you will be in a position, whereby you can help those who find themselves in difficulties.

Middle of cup: a situation whereby you see a kettle in the middle of the teacup, means that you are struggling with a bad situation and wondering how to get out of it. The help is within you and you will realize, that in no time you will be able to turn a bad situation into something useful to yourself.

All you need to do is soldier on and put on a brave face throughout a tough time. You will be shocked at how it will work for your own good. And when this happens, remember those who stood by you in those trying moments. Appreciate them by sharing the glorious moments with them.

Bottom of teacup: if the kettle is at the bottom of the teacup this indicates you do not know how to tackle tough decisions in life. The trick is to find situations in life that you can handle. Even though in life we carry on regardless the kettle in the bottom of the teacup denotes that you need to step back and think about different decisions. Be strong, and you will realize that the power of becoming victorious lies within you.

Scattered in the teacup: if you happen to see scattered kettles in your teacup (more than one) it means that you are always rising above your challenges of life. In the face of tough times, you are able to lift yourself against all odds. Be resilient and you will be shocked at how your life will change in the long run.


Tough times are better solved by yourself because that is the only way you learn your mistakes and successfully move on.

By Florance Saul
Apr 1, 2013