Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The tea leaf sign of ivy tells you about the importance of faithful lovers and dependable friends in handling the present situations.

Ivy represents that even under various twists and turns friendship's may take time but will always remain strong and the connection will never be broken. We will always gather the strength to support our friends in all circumstances.

This card tells you that though it is good to be independent you shall need help and support from trusted friends. The meaning of Ivy deals with renewal, connection, opportunity, friendship and growth. It symbolizes vibrancy, clarity of thoughts so as to be able to appreciate the mother nature around for its green colour. In few cases ivy represents development, rebirth, expansion and consciousness.

You may have seen

  • an ivy plant.
  • an ivy crawling.

The green colour of ivy is indicative of the strong resilience of nature to adjust to changes and maintain the bond of love with all its creation whatever the situation. It tells that even after worst of all mother nature is ready to bestow her blessings and care on us.

Detailed meaning of the ivy tea leaf symbol

  • Top of teacup: seeing the ivy symbol on top of the pack asks us to maintain the bond of friendship even in harshest of the conditions and challenges.
  • Middle of pack: the symbol of ivy in middle of pack tells that you must adopt the ability of ivy to develop in harshest of conditions to be able to withstand difficulties.
  • Bottom of pack: the sign of ivy in bottom of pack means you require strength. You need to carry on irrespective of the setbacks.
  • Top of teacup: ivy is associated with growing something, a creation. For this to be in the top position means things need to get started. Consequently, you will find someone stubborn, ungrateful and also self-absorbed. You might be just worried about your own personal troubles as well as problems, neglecting the requirements of other people.
  • Near the handle of teacup: you need you to definitely talk with someone close to you to be able to try to deal with any kind of future problems.
  • Rim of teacup: Seeing the Ivy symbol on side of the cup symbolizes that harmony of the elements shall work in your favour by enhancing the bonding energy so that you are able to connect with others.
  • Small symbol: a choice that will most probably cause a drastic change is commonly associated with a small ivy plant.
  • Large symbol: Seeing a large ivy plant means things are going to run smoothly.

A sign of loyal friends. Should you decipher this at the bottom of the cup, then prepare for sad news of a well-loved friend.

In the clear or at the top of the cup, there will be a gathering of true friends, or an invitation to a large house-party.

One ivy leaf in the clear, a devoted and faithful lover.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012