Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

An imp is a kind of a devil.

As a symbol, it represents chaos and disorder. So now that you know what an imp is and what it represents the question is: what does symbolize if found in your tea leaf reading? It means your life needs to be reorganized as it is currently disorderly and full of chaos.

Detailed meaning of the imp tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: if you happen to see an imp at the top of your teacup, it might imply that your life is completely out of control because it is full of chaos and disorderliness. Don’t just sit and wait for it to completely go down the drain. Evaluate your life and find out what is causing all disorganization; if it is the type of friends you have, change! If it is the environment, you too have the option of changing. Your life is more precious than material goods, and you need to do anything possible to make it organized and free of disorder and chaos.

Middle of cup: if the imp is found in the middle of the teacup, it will mean that your life is heading in the wrong direction and it is in your hands to stop it before it is too late. Get to know what is deviating your life and stop it before it destroys you completely. It is very easy to tell what is wrong in your life; anything that makes you feel like you are weak and vulnerable is not worth being in your life. Anything that makes you feel enslaved and out of control should not be entertained in your life.

Bottom of teacup: an imp at the bottom of the teacup is an implication that, your life is free from chaos and disorder and you must work hard to keep it that way because, if you relax, you might find it in a chaotic state. Maintain the discipline, and you will be on the safe side because, your life will be on a smooth sail, indefinitely.

Scattered in the cup: an imp scattered in your teacup is an indication that, the chaos and disorder in your life does seem uncontrollable and without an end. But there is nothing in this world which is impossible. It is possible for you to work on your life and get it reorganized. All you need to do is place your life in front of a mirror and check it out in a movie format. View it and see where you are making mistakes and correct it; this is the time to bring out your inner strength to streamline what is crooked in your conscious self.


Chaos and disorders are not good in life as they make it unbearable. Life is there to be enjoyed, and if you find out that yours is miserable, it is time to call out on your Deity to help you reorganizing it.

By Florance Saul
Apr 1, 2013