Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

An idol refers to an object or image which represents a deity where one’s worship is directed to.

In the teacup, the idol looks similar to a statue. In Christianity, anything that deviates your attention away from God is considered to be an idol. As a symbol, an idol represents your spirituality and the way you perceive religion and faith. So if you happen to see an idol in your teacup, it means that you are ready to undergo a spiritual process in your life which will transform you completely and make you be drawn to a deity.

Detailed meaning of the idol tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: if the idol is on top of your teacup, it implies that your spiritual being is drawn to material things in your life. You do not have time to think about the Divine. All your time is spent chasing around richness and other materials. You are worn out spiritually and have forgotten about the existence of the Divine.

Middle of cup: an idol in the middle of the teacup is an indication that, your spiritual life is somehow taken care of, but still, your priority seems to be material things. You have an option of changing your perspective about the deity and moving closer to the Divine. This will transform your life tremendously.

Bottom of teacup: an idol at the bottom of the teacup implies that, spiritually, you are very strong. You put the Divine first before the material things. You are focused on pleasing the Divine than other things which are around you. You have what it takes to be called pure because you strive to lead a life that is pleasing to the Divine by following what your religion teaches you. But you have to be strong because you are human and anything can turn you to falter and forget that your life belongs to the Divine and you start concentrating on amassing wealth. Don’t lose focus at all.

Scattered in the cup: if idols are scattered all over in your teacup, there is a possibility that, your life is so absorbed in the worldly materials that you don’t see the need to follow what your religion teaches you about the Divine and living a godly life. You can clear the idols from your life.


Idols are real in your life; you might be worshipping your house, your money, your children or even your job. It is high time you realized that there is a need for spiritual nourishment.

By Florance Saul
Apr 1, 2013