Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A hurdle is used in athletes’ races where someone has to jump over in order to win; at times it is a word which is used to refer to a difficulty or an obstacle.

A hurdle as a symbol that represents obstacles and barriers which one has to get out of their way in life. If you are able to jump over these hurdles, then you will overcome barriers, but if you jump and then trip, it represents being unable to get rid of the obstacles in your life. If you happen to see a hurdle in your teacup reading, it means that you have obstacles in your life and the way you handle them will enable you to be comfortable or uncomfortable in your life.

Detailed meaning of the hurdle tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: if you see a hurdle at the top of your teacup, it symbolizes that the obstacles in your life have reached a point whereby, it is becoming harder for you to move forward. Evaluate them and look for a way to handle them because if they continue like so, it might overpower you and render you confused and in case you give in, your life will be a total mess. You have to work harder to achieve your goals.

Middle of cup: seeing a hurdle in the middle of the teacup is an indication that there are obstacles which you are struggling to overpower but at the moment, they are still under check. Keep them controlled and look for ways to eradicate them completely from your life. Obstacles in life are not anybody's cup of tea, and they should never be entertained whatsoever. You are the driver of your life, and you don't have to let anything take control of it.

Bottom of teacup: the hurdle at the bottom of the teacup means, you are in control of your life and obstacles are not anywhere near you. You are enjoying your life because you are goal oriented and you will never let anything coming between you and success. You have worked hard and overcame all obstacles that life presented to you, and at the moment, you are enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Scattered in the cup: scattered hurdles in your tea cup are an indication that, though you are a goal oriented person, there are several obstacles which you have to overcome in life in order to reach your goals. Along the way, you have jumped some of the hurdles (problems in life) while you fell trying to jump others, but you still pick up the pieces and continue trying. Though the obstacles might seem to be too many, your determination and zeal will enable you to be victorious at the end of it all.


Obstacles in life are a normal occurrence, but the way you handle them will influence the outcome. It is important to be strong enough in order to jump over them anytime they represent themselves along your way. If you stumble and fall, you will have to pick yourself up and work even harder.

By Florance Saul
Apr 1, 2013