Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A house is a place for human habitation.

As a symbol, it represents the perspective you have about yourself. When a house is seen in the teacup, it will depend on which part of the house is seen during the tea leaf reading. If the front of the house comes to the forefront in the tea cup, it represents the part of you which you portray to the world. If the back of the house is what is seen in the teacup, then your hidden part is what is being shown; side view of the house implies that you are showing yourself to people around you with a partial, inaccurate, or limited way.

Detailed meaning of the house tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: if in your teacup you see a house’s front view presented on top of the teacup, it means that you are an open person and there is nothing you are hiding from those around you. If the back of the house comes on top of the tea cup, it means that you have hidden too much from the people surrounding you. A side view of the house on top of the teacup shows that you are a partial person as you keep on giving inaccurate information to those around you. They don’t want people to know the real you.

Middle of cup: a house in the middle of the teacup with its front view means that you are just about to make yourself be known to the world around you. People are about to know the real you as most of what you were trying to hide from is now open to the public domain. If the back of the house is what is being seen in the middle of the cup, it shows that you used to be open to the world. Now you are enclosing your feelings to yourself; the side view of the house in a teacup means that you are about to become a partial person, trying to open a bit to the world and at the same time, you enclose your feelings and keep to yourself.

Bottom of teacup: if you see the front view of a house in a teacup, it means that you are quite private person. You are straining to get a glimpse of who you really are. If the back view is what you see at the bottom of the teacup (like a square with a roof), it means that you are an open person whom people can read like a book.

You easily let people into your world, and this is making people know everything about you. If the side view of the house is what is displayed at the bottom of the teacup, then it means that your personality is hard to predict no matter how people around you try.

Different directions of the house in the cup: scattered houses (more than one) in the teacup could hold a number of meanings, depending on which view is open to you. Houses with front view in the reading implies that someone will provide a message. If you see the back view of the house it means that both strangers and friends know nothing about you; side view of the houses implies that you are one person whom it is very hard for anyone to understand.


You can decide to be partial, open, or private to those people around you.

By Florance Saul
Apr 1, 2013