Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Let’s look at a hen in it’s most literal sense. A hen is a domesticated bird which is used to lay eggs or consume.

As an animal totem a hen is a symbol of misfortune, bad luck, gossip, loyalty, overly protective of someone and the need for guidance from you or a sign of new opportunities coming your way.

What happens when a hen appears in your teacup? Be wary of gossips as they will just bring bad luck and misfortunes to your otherwise peaceful life.

Remain loyal to your family and friends that need of your guidance and protection. This will make it possible to be successful in life, and you will be a blessing to those who are around you.

Detailed meaning of the hen tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: if the hen appears at the top of your teacup, it means that now is the time to avoid indulging in gossips as they will bring misfortune and bad luck to your otherwise peaceful life.

If there is anyone who wants you to protect them or needs your help, do so willingly because that is what will make you be blessed in life. Through them, you are going to discover new opportunities which will eventually will make you prosperous. And when you are prosperous, don't forget to use the help of those who are in need of moral and material support.

Middle of cup: A hen in the middle of the tea cup means that misfortune and bad luck are on the horizon and you have to be careful and avoid loose talk as this will precipitate bad events to happen.

Protect your integrity and always be loyal to others. There are people who are going to ask for help. Please find new opportunities which will enable you to prosper. Life is about grasping new opportunities and working events to turn them into prosperity. Use your intellect to make the best out of life.

Bottom of teacup: a hen at the bottom of the teacup symbolizes that your life is free from bad luck and misfortune. But in order for it to remain that way, you must avoid gossip and remain focused on positive engagements which are beneficial to you and to those who surround you. If you do the right thing new opportunities will keep coming your way and you will be able to be even more prosperous than you are at the moment.

Always remember to help those who need your help and uplift the lives of those who are below your social status.

Scattered in the cup:scattered hens in your teacup is a representation of a life which is full of misfortunes, bad luck and at the same time - lots of new opportunities. Your weakness which might be causing the bad luck and misfortunes might be due to the fact that, you are a gossiper – this is what is pulling negative forces in your life. Make a U-turn and be loyal to your friends (stop gossip)you may see a change of events.


Get rid of anything that could be negative in your life and grab the new opportunities that are coming your way. You are destined for great things in life and make sure that you use them for your benefit and all those that surround you.

By Flo Saul
Apr 1, 2013