Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A helmet is used as head protection gear.

As a symbol, it represents war, conflict, narrow vision and protection. So what happens to you when you get to see a helmet in your tea cup?

Ancient tea leaf dictionaries have seen the helmet associated with war, used in war times. It has a meaning that one holds a narrow vision. Consult those close to you; you are always in need of protection. It is high time you changed your attribute because it will move you into being stagnant without any progress at all. Maybe look further in life.What are you currently seeing; get into new businesses, new job, new friends because that is the only way you will expand your life and be able to be stable.

Detailed meaning of the helmet tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: if the helmet is at the top of the teacup, it means that your vision is really narrow to the extent that, it is hindering your progressing in life. It is making you have quarrels with those surrounding you. These frequent quarrels will not get you anywhere and they are just as detrimental to your growth and progress as a person. Stop being narrow-minded and live in harmony with those around you; they are a necessity to your journey to the top.

Middle of cup: if the helmet is in the middle of the tea cup, you will have to take precaution to avoid falling a prey to your vision because it seems to be narrow. You must work out a way to enable you to develop your reasoning capacity. If it remains the way it is, it might lead you into confrontations with others due to the fact that it takes you time to get the logic out of anything. Work on it because that is the only way you will be able to live and work in harmony with other people.

Bottom of teacup: a helmet at the end of the teacup is a good sign because it means you have to reason and the way you look at things is similar to others, and you are living in harmony with your friends and other close associates.

But there are chances that, you might fall into a confrontation with others in the future if you happen to become arrogant and narrow-minded. Prevent the worse from happening.

Scattered in the cup:scattered helmets in the teacup are a sign of a vision which is fluctuating; at times your reasoning is at par with those who are around you while other times you are low. Take precaution to avoid falling into the ditch of confrontational talk as it might just jeopardize your life and cause you to have fewer friends. Strive to be a reasonable person who understands the meaning of friendship and agree to disagree and reach a conclusion.


Your vision has to change; the way you view things around you should try to act differently to avoid confrontations. Evaluate your inner self and make sure that you have positive energies flowing in your mind. If something is meaningful to you and to those around you, take care of it.

By Florance Saul
Apr 1, 2013