Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A hare as an animal totem which is normally associated with the deities of the moon and is a wonderful symbol, it signifies resurrection and rebirth.

It can mean cowardice and unable to make decisions. So what does this mean when presented in your teacup? It will simply suggest you are moving on in life. In the past, you have shown a cowardice approach to problems. It suggests being reborn. You will be able to make a decision without too much indecision.

Detailed meaning of the hare tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: if you happen to find the hare at the top of the cup, it will imply that you are not a coward. You have reformed and can make great decisions. You have transformed yourself into a new human being, different from the old self.

Middle of cup: seeing a hare in the middle of the teacup means that your unsure of decisions you are making. The question is - are these the best decisions to make? Your decision making is not yet refined, and it is about time that you make better decisions.

You have to completely change and stand strong. Think about your principles without waiting for someone else to make decisions for you.

Bottom of teacup: a hare at the bottom of the teacup is a negative omen. As days pass by, it is becoming harder for you to change. Be strong when it comes to decision making. You are undecided most of the time and it takes the intervention of friends, and those are around you, to help you decide on the next move. It is hard for you to make any sense out of anything unless you are assisted by someone else.

Scattered in the cup: scattered hares in the teacup or seeing more than one hare mean that your indecision seems to be fluctuating. There are times when you seem to be reforming to become a better person.

There are other times when you have to be pushed or be assisted in order to conclude a simple task. Get yourself thinking about life in general. Rearrange life in such a way that it makes sense especially in decision making.


You have it all planned out. It is high time you should do an overhaul of your life, especially on decision making and how you handle yourself in general. A rebirth is a right thing right now.

By Florance Saul
Mar 30, 2013