Hanging Man

Hanging Man

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A hanging man in a teacup represents a failure in the past.

Are you struggling to go on? This sign represents giving up on life. You will definitely struggle in your past and present. You may have a failure. You need to look at the failure positively. Try and analyze what is going wrong in your life.

To hang means to suspend something from above, with the rest of the part dangling down. As a symbol, it represents a failure. When you happen to see a hang in your teacup, it means that there is something you have failed previously in your life, which is affecting your current life. You need to focus on how to solve the failure and move on. If it's something you consider impossible to sort out, you need to forget it and move on.

Detailed meaning of the hanging man tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: a hanging man on top of the teacup is an indication that, your failure in the past is really nagging you, and you feel like you can’t go on. If you give up on life, you will be negatively affecting your present, and it will go on to spoil your future. You need to look at that failure positively. Try and analyze problems it to the extent that if it’s something you can sort out, go ahead and sort it out once and for all.

If it’s something that is impossible to resolve, you have to accept life and move on, because however much you try and think about it, you will never find a solution. The best you can do is to forget about past problems. Learn your mistakes, and move on to higher grounds where you will not repeat the same mistakes.

Middle of cup: in a situation where you see a hanging man in the middle of the teacup, denotes you are struggling to make ends meet. It seems something is holding you back, and stopping you from getting to your full potential. You need to let it go. That failure which you made a long time ago should be left in the past and let it not come crawling into your present. If you find it is not disappearing from your mind, then try sorting it out if you can via therapy.

If you are not able to forget issues in life - then the best you can do is try and forget your problems completely. Erase it from your memory because these problems can affect you in the present and future. You have enough time to make the correct decision.

Bottom of teacup: a hanging man seen at the bottom of the teacup means you don’t have any failures in your past that are still affecting your present. What it implies is that your present is smooth, and that will automatically result in the future being better too. You need to try and help others who are stuck in past failures. Let them know that they should be more concerned with their present than their future. They have to work hard to make their future bright.

Scattered in the teacup: when a hanged man is seen scattered all over the teacup it is a bad omen, it means that your life is full of failures which are making it impossible to progress. You need to get to know the cause of your predicaments and deal with problems. If it is past failures, you need to forget about them and concentrate on your future, because it turns out to be the most important thing than your past. Your future is ahead of you, and your past is gone, thus the need to forget the past and focus on your future.


You are not supposed to let the past failures dominate your life because, if you do so, it will just spoil your future. Concentrate on your present to build a better future.

By Florance Saul
May 8, 2017