Handcuffs In Tea Leaves

Handcuffs symbolise highly dangerous enemies surrounding you with objectionable conditions.

To see handcuffs also may suggest that something or someone is holding back your success and stopping you from achieving it. Opportunities are not coming to you. You are at a loss of power and its effectiveness is not like what it should be. Alternatively, your own fears and doubts are stopping you from succeeding.

It sometimes suggests that you are being overly possessive which isn’t generally considered good and again becomes a hindrance in your success.

Detailed meaning of seeing handcuffs in your spread

  • Seen a pair of handcuffs.
  • More than one handcuff.

Meaning of handcuffs in your tea leaf reading

Top of spread: the handcuffs seen within the top of the spread indicate that you have reluctantly moved forward in your life. There is a focus on getting stressed and this symbol within your tea leaf reading indicates that you have been feeling depressed lately.

Middle of spread: If you see this in the middle of your spread it means you will be successful but the chances of acquiring money are limited.

Bottom of spread: seeing the symbol at the bottom position would indicate a hidden past opportunity and rebirth that will happen in the future. To make it simple you had a lot of opportunities knocking at your door but you weren't able to answer a single one. It is also an indication that you will be free from any kind of illness for the rest of your life.

Side of spread: If the symbol is positioned at the side of the tea leaf reading you will have a long life free from sickness and any business plans put into action will be successful.

Small symbol: A choice that will most probably cause a drastic change is commonly associated with small handcuffs. In the future, this choice will bring a positive change.

Large symbol: Seeing large handcuffs suggests that your life will be filled with lots of blessings and you are scared of the unknown. A particular person is providing you with romantic or sexual overtures and you need to make a choice if you will consider it a game or an indication to take it to the next level.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012