Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The tea leaf symbol of the hand symbolises relationships.

It also denotes your connections with those around you. Hands are a major way of communication and at times also represent power, authority, hate, protection and justice. This is also depending on the gesture.

Hand's even suggest you need to lend a helping hand to someone in need. If someone else is giving you a helping hand, then it means you may need theirs. There is no need to be afraid to ask for help or to depend on others from time to time when you in need of it.

If it's a left hand it shows your bigheartedness and your feminine qualities to others, while the right hand tells the manly and active attributes. The right hand may also be indicative for some good decision or something being okay or right or going in best possible direction.

In your teacup you may have

  • Uncovered a hand.
  • Found a hand and the lines are not continuous.
  • Can see the outline of a hand.

Meaning of hand in your tea leaf reading

Top of teacup: a hand is associated with helping other people. At the top of your teacup this can mean new activities that offer a more optimistic end result. Frequently, the particular position of the hand at the top of the teacup shows that a proposal may be presented to an individual but you're delaying any kind of choice or even assessment of the chance that this will be a success, until you have acquired more information with regard to representation and consideration.

Lines are not continuous: if you see broken image of hand this means frustration in someone or in a predicament. You may be sick and tired of the same old struggle which has been continued a long time before. Consequently, you have started to pull away to seek out higher serenity and also comfort. If you are turning into particularly ‘annoying" or even sulky about your situation, the particular omen will mean it is time to awaken, be alert and to be open with others.

Bottom of teacup: for the hand to be positioned in the bottom this can often point to defensiveness. Perhaps you have encountered damage on an emotional level and it is time to move on!

Side of teacup: if the hand is positioned at the side of the teacup this is a positive omen. Remember, there's always a way for you to get in touch with people around you.

If well defined this symbol denotes friend­ship, assistance, good works, and success ; but if cramped, folded, imperfect, or ill-forrned, it is a symbol of failure to achieve your ambitions through lack of natural faculty or application of your powers.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012