Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A guard can symbolically mean protection for those who are weak.

It can also mean the need for you to control your negative tendencies. When seen in a teacup a guard could mean that you need to change your reckless ways and you need to start to become more responsible. Otherwise, you might find yourself in need of protection because you will be exposed and weakened to the extent that your life will come to a halt.

Detailed meaning of the guard tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: when a guard is seen at the top of the teacup it denotes that you are completely out of control of your weaknesses and that is what others are using to cause mystery in your life.

You need to change your lifestyle with immediate effect to prevent it becoming complex. You are exposed, and you don't have any protection from where you can hide, this is due to not being able to protect your self-esteem.

Middle of cup: a guard in the middle of the cup is an indication that there is still some time in which you can redeem your self-worth from the weaknesses you have been unable to control. You still have the strength and energy to be exposed. Ensure you mend your ways. You still have some protection that can support your own self-esteem.

Bottom of teacup: a guard at the bottom of the teacup is an indication that you are in full charge of yourself and no weaknesses have surfaced - as pertaining to ruin your self-esteem. You have control in life and everything surrounding you. Therefore there is no need to worry. But you need to be strong, make sure that it is fully protected so that negativity doesn’t come to pass in the future. You may find yourself vulnerable in life.

Scattered in the cup: scattered guards in a teacup is an indication that anything is possible in your life as it stands right now. You might, at times, find yourself strong enough to defend yourself while at other times you will find that you are too weak even to care. You will need protection from someone close to you. Try to stabilize your life.


Guards is an indication that you are in charge of your life so make sure that you strongly protect your life, try not to allow any weaknesses to surface. This will taint your image.

By Florance Saul
Mar 30, 2013