Fruit Symbol In Tea Leaves

What does Fruit symbol mean in tea leaves

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings



The tea leaf symbol of fully ripened fruit foretells prosperous future events.

It tells you that the time has come when your efforts will succeed. It also indicates that you are going to get the fruits of your labour. It also indicates fertility of soil and good harvest and possibility of being blessed with children especially for the childless couples.

Detailed meaning of seeing flies in your teacup...

  • Seen a pair of fruit.
  • More than one fruit.


Meaning of fruit in your tea leaf reading...

Top of teacup: for the fruit to appear in this position means that things are going to go your way. Be on guard for dishonesty, deception or your own faulty or inaccurate thinking. Don't accept much of what you hear without checking it out especially if it sounds too good to be true. Stay out of dangerous neighbourhoods. Trust what has proven itself to work in the past.


Lines are broken: pay close attention to your gut instincts about new situations and people as you are more vulnerable now to being taken advantage of or of being totally nave.

Bottom of teacup: seeing the symbol at the bottom location means that you will have riches because of the way you work hard.

Side of teacup: if the symbol is positioned at the side of the tea leaf reading you will have a long life free from sickness and any business plans put into action will be successful.

Near handle: if the handle is close to the fruit that means more money for you in the near future.

Types of fruits: all fruits all have individual meanings. An apple means that you.

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