Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A fortress represents a Citadel, Castle, or a stronghold.

The symbol of a fortress represents strong internal barriers you are setting up a way to defend bad situations, habits, and ideas. You have to change your attitude in life and be flexible.

Think of ways to better handle situations in your life. When you are corrected, don't be defensive; accept mistakes and mend your ways. When you give out an idea, and others don't like it, be ready to negotiate and reach an agreement. Habits are learned and if you find out that your habits are not agreeing with the rest of your peers, change for the better.

Detailed meaning of the fortress tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: if the fortress is at the top of the teacup it means that bad situations are just to the extreme and you have to work on it and rectify accordingly. If you decide to continue with the same trend, it might end up making your life difficult. Your habits are not pleasing, and you need to do everything possible to enable you to rectify your current bad habits.

Middle of cup: the fortress found in the middle of the teacup means that, at the moment, you might be okay with no bad habits, situations or ideas. That does not mean you should be arrogant and forget to cultivate your ideas further; if you don't, it won't be long, and you will be suffering from the consequences of bad habits which will cause you to be in a terrible situation and even luck ideas on how to move your life forward.

Bottom of teacup: the fortress at the bottom of the teacup means that your situation is mixed due to your habits. This needs to be cultivated further through the use of ideas which are given by friends and family. At the end of the day, if you don't cultivate better habits, you might find yourself in the future becoming a victim of bad habits, and this will lead you to be in a terrible situation.

Scattered in the cup: seeing a scattered fortress in the teacup means that, your habits will determine your situations and you have to learn new ideas which will enable you to further better your habits.


The presence of a fortress in a teacup is a sign that your bad habits, ideas, and situations are under check.

By Florance Saul
Mar 30, 2013