Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A fork is a tool for eating, which many people use daily.

As a symbol, a fork symbolizes a trap. If you are in love, get ready for a separation or a quarrel.

It could mean getting visitors to your home - whom you were not expecting. It can mean losing something which is dear to you. If you are married, it can suggest a separation, divorce, or unhappy domestic relations.

So if you happen to see a fork in your tea leaf reading, it implies trouble. Your relationship is troubled, and you are headed for a possible termination, and if you insist on remaining in the relationship, then it will just be a hard. Make sure you do not stay with someone where you are unhappy. You might end up with guests in your home who might just bring unhappiness to you and when they leave, you are destined to lose something dear to you.

Detailed meaning of the fork tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: if in the tea leaf reading you find a fork on top of your teacup, it means you are maybe separated from someone, this could be a friend or a person you are intimate with.

You have to work out logistics which will help in salvaging your relationship because if you separate, it will hurt both of you.

Domestic problems may be around the corner, and you should try to control your temperaments so that it doesn't blow off balance and lead to a divorce/separation.

Middle of cup: when a fork appears in the middle of the teacup, it is reminding you that you have to work extra hard on your intimate relationship so that nothing causes a separation. It is important to make efforts to work on your differences to avoid divorce or separation in the near future. Anything you have been working towards (such as a project) might cause problems, try to avoid arguments to remain in a harmonious relationship.

Bottom of teacup: when the fork is seen at the bottom of the teacup, it means that you have to start working on maintaining an intimate relationship because, if the status quo remains, you will be divorcing or separating in the near future.

You have the time to mend whatever might be ailing your bad relationship. When it comes to accepting visitors in your home, be wary, as they might be the cause of your relationship problems with your spouse.

Scattered in the cup: a scattered fork in the tea cup represents unexpected quarrels with your loved ones which might result in separation or divorce. Those around you who might interfere in the quarrel might just make things grow worse. The ball is in your court, try to save your relationship whichever way you think is best.


A fork in a teacup is not a positive sign for an intimate relationship as it signals a breakup. To see a knife by the folk is a positive omen. In summary, there is a negative feeling that you have towards someone that means each other to quarrels and problems. It is up to you to avoid it from getting worse.

By Florance Saul
Mar 30, 2013