Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Flowers and bouquets are generally very positive they are associated with healing and also visualisation of great things to come!

The flowers are associated with good times in the future. It is important to also recognise what kind of flower you see in the teacup.

If you can actually make out the flower type then this can be positive. A rose definitely signifies love. Additionally a daisy signifies happiness and control over others.

A carnation in the tea leaf reading is significant, it is a symbol that fortunate in every way. A carnation is normally a solid colour. Obviously, in a tea leaf reading the actual colour of the flower will not be shown.

In essence the flower is a symbol of domestic happiness. If the flower breed is dark or red flower in real life then it indicates that dreams will soon be yours. You may encounter a situation in which you will prosper.

Detailed meaning of the flower tea leaf symbol

Top with teacup: for the flower to appear in the top of the teacup suggests that a new beginning and a new start will soon be yours soon. It is important to also recognize that other people will need to support you going forward.

Crocus in teacup: if you notice a crocus within your teacup, especially in this position it indicates that passion will be yours. The reason being is that the crocuses dedicated to St Valentine. There are several legends around the crocus flower and one of them it is also a shepherd boy who falls in love with a beautiful nymph. Basically the crocus in the teacup signifies a partnership where you'll be together forever. You are incredibly intelligent and very capable although with a tendency to worry. At work and home you must pay attention to detail with precision and clarity.

You may find that you avoid closeness with others. This can result in the perception of other people thinking that you do not care.

Scattered within the teacup: if the bouquet is scattered and you can still see the symbol but there are different flowers dotted throughout the teacup this can suggest possible sustainability and security.

Bottom of teacup: for the bouquet to appear in the bottom of the teacup suggest a keenness and enthusiasm for life. You have great energy and have been rather happy and content even though life has thrown some difficulties your way!

A flower is a very positive omen! It speaks of happiness, fun times, success and prosperity.

Dreams will come true and ambitions will be realized. To see a flower in your teacup is connected with having joy. Get ready to enjoy the conveniences of your present lifestyle because this can also be connected to romantic expressions. As a result, you will encounter a few trustworthy friends as well as being given sound advice in connection with a business. This particular symbol signifies satisfaction and sweetness.

Several flowers represents enjoyment. The particular flower may have it's own tea leaf reading. This omen is also associated with how you are feeling with regards to taking on something new.  undertaking as well as activities quickly. Usually, this is an optimistic omen. It's also vital that you recognize that other people usually takes pleasure inside a journey that you will soon begin.

A flower with six petals implies satisfaction and also admiration; to be close to the edge of the rim represents a desire for ladies or perhaps being close to a mother figure.

Flowers are given as a token of appreciation, or praise or love. Also in loving memory to the dead.

Hence we take them as the symbolism of love, honor, esteem, and favors.

At the bottom of the cup the more sinister inter­pretations attach to these beautiful gifts of nature and would appear to indicate at least a serious illness. In the clear, good fortune should be near at hand, happiness in love and marriage.

Inside your teacup you may have

  • Seen a flower.
  • Seen several flowers.

Meaning of the actual flower in your tea leaf cup (not a bouquet) an individual flower or a cluster

  • Top of teacup: being situated towards the top signifies capriciousness.
  • Middle of teacup: this can be a symbol of pleasure, joy or happiness.
  • Bottom of teacup: represents chasteness in addition to pureness.
  • Small flower inside teacup: conveys denial.
  • A single flower: indicates a sincere compliment. A single flower shows a favour granted. A bunch of flowers is a sign of many benefits and some honours and generally denotes festivity and cele­brations.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012