Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

It refers to a fleet of boats or ships and normally symbolizes the last trip, but it can also stand for adventure and fertility.

So what will befall you if you happen to see a flotilla in your tea cup during tea cup reading? You might be facing challenges in your life which might cause illness or that of your loved ones.

You might be on a life adventure which might be dangerous and thus affect your prosperity.

Detailed meaning of the flotilla tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: seeing a flotilla at the top of your teacup will mean that whatever course you are currently taking in life is the correct one. Seeing this symbol in this position means life will be adventurous but it carries high risk. The key message is that your prosperity and future are in your own hands.

Middle of cup: a flotilla in the middle of the cup means that you will have to undertake a dangerous adventure in the near future which can cause poorness. It might mean you will have a disadvantage. Make sure you plan well so that the table turns to favor you.

Bottom of teacup: the flotilla at the bottom of the teacup represents an adventure which will occur in the distant future.

Make sure that you plan well you have to make sure that the adventure doesn’t change the course of in life and make you poorer financially. Work hard and plan your adventure to bring prosperity.

Scattered in the cup: Scattered flotilla in the teacup is a sign that your life is full of adventures which are making you feel drained.

Try to re-evaluate your life and find out where you went wrong. It is one thing to go for an adventure and another thing for that adventure to make you poor. Work towards a fruitful adventure.


Adventures are a good thing in your life, but when they are not planned they have to be avoided at all costs. A flotilla in your teacup brings adventures to your life - which might end problems. It is up to you to check out what it is that you haven’t done, which could cause a terrible downfall.

By Florance Saul
Mar 30, 2013