Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A flock is several birds resting, feeding or traveling together in your teacup is a good omen.

A flock is a symbol of profit or pleasant news, but there are chances of incurring losses. If it is seen in your tea cup it will definitely mean that you are without objectivity in your thinking and decision making.

When it is seen at the bottom it might just imply a trip which will bear good fruits, but there are chances that, it will come with accompanied with bad news.

The bad news might be due to the fact that you lack focus in your decision making.

Detailed meaning of the flock tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: a flock seen at the top of the tea cup will mean you are on a journey which might bring you good tidings. You could be focused on decision making and whatever decisions you make will be a success. Good luck.

Middle of cup: a flock of birds found in the middle of the teacup signifies a journey that will be undertaken in the near future. This journey will be positive. It will be for your own good, but you may have to watch out for the decisions you are making. When you embark on the journey make sure you plan correctly.

Bottom of teacup: at the bottom of the teacup a flock means that your journey is still far from starting, but when it does starts - make sure that it be successful by working on negative influences. The journey may not start and be delayed. It is up to you to work towards the success of this trip because it is for your own progress in life.

Scattered in the cup: scattered flock in your teacup will automatically mean the uncertainty of when your trip will start and if it will be successful or not. Everything will depend on what you invest in the trip. You have to surround yourself with friends who can help you learn how to keep focused, even if it means attending a course. You have all the time to make the journey to work and be prosperous.


A journey is predicted. Decision making and lack of focus will cause you to fail. Seeing a flock in the teacup is a good sign only if you can work out on your limitations. This is your chance to make it big in life, do everything to make sure that you eliminate your shortcomings.

By Florance Saul
Mar 30, 2013