Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A festoon is leaves, flowers, or even ribbons which normally hang in a room as decoration.

It symbolizes an expression of feelings; it is at times used for protection, prosperity, and love. So what happens when you see a festoon in your teacup?

The money will definitely be yours - it can mean that your or other people's feelings at play here. Your love life might just be blossoming and it seems it is protected. You are on your way to prosperity.

Detailed meaning of the festoon tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: When you happen to see the festoon on top of the teacup it automatically means that your love life is blossoming. You and your loved one will start enjoying feelings of love due to the fact that your love life is protected. There is a feeling and no one can interfere with you. Perhaps you will witness an upsurge in relationships around love. Make sure that you don't interfere with the flow of things as it might drastically change the course of events. Be happy because love is in the air.

Middle of cup: if the festoon is observed in the middle of the teacup this suggests your love life is not good at the moment. The person you love will have strong feelings towards you and it will blossom into a great love. You have to play your part well so that nothing diverts this from happening.

Bottom of teacup: if the festoon is at the bottom of the teacup it denotes that you have a long way to go before your love life blossoms into something special. Work on your feelings; express them freely towards your loved one. Even if you don't see any progress hang on in there because in the long run, it will definitely work.

If your in a relationship your love towards each other will grow and become the talk of the town. Patience pays off, what you need is to guard your love jealously and have patience.

Scattered in the cup: the festoon scattered in the tea cup gives an impression that, your feelings towards a loved one can start being strong any time from now. It suggests a new love or renewing an existing relationship. If you're in a relationship and it is not working now, it will definitely work in time. It might work now or you will have to give it some time before it blossoms. Protect it and don't give up.


Festoon in the teacup is a sign of love, feelings for a loved one which needs to be protected and it will work out to be a strong bond between you and your love.

By Flo Saul
Mar 30, 2013