Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The tea leaf symbol of a feather indicates that you should be careful not to take things lightly in life.

Feathers denote improvised thought and spiritual progress. It signifies that your soul is blessed, and the divine knowledge means that you should tune into god, in a way similar to birds which fly closer to God.

On a lighter note, the feather indicates that you need to focus on strange happenings around you.

As a feather is connected to the bird omen (being part of the bird) suggests that you need to think about someone in life.

They are not going through a good time at the moment and in this case the feather represents the need for you to show compassion, treat them softly, like a feather.

It also tells you that if not careful then your plans shall be blown with the wind leading to failure.

In your teacup you could have

  • Seen a feather.
  • Seen more than one feather.

Some common symbolic meanings of feathers are

  • Enhanced awareness
  • True knowledge
  • Belief in the power of prayer
  • High and spiritual living
  • Inner progress

Detailed meaning of seeing feather in your tea leafs...

  • Top of teacup: when you see feathers in top part of your teacup it can mean that you are moving into a higher spiritual path. This will lead you to deliverance. It prompts you to keep traveling on a path of spiritual growth.
  • Real life: finding feathers on your path (in real life an not in the teacup) depicts a lighter attitude towards life or a situation is required.
  • The feather is on the side of the teacup: Always keep in mind that all the decisions you make may not be successful. You need more motivation in life sometimes.
  • Near handle:
  • Middle of teacup: when we see feathers in the middle of the teacup, this is considered a message that you need to focus on lighter things in life. Have fun. Have a laugh! try not to take everything too seriously. Stop and learn to enjoy what you have.
  • Bottom of the teacup: To find feathers at the bottom of your teacup means you are taking everything too seriously! this is making life dull and boring. It also means that you are spending too much money.
  • The sign of inconstancy and levity You are warned to take a more serious view of your actions and deportment. Relaxation and pleasure should follow steadfast work and earnest endeavor and not be made the business of life.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012