Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Good news, seeing a fairy is a favorable omen.

If you notice a fairy symbol in your tarot tea leaf reading then this is a very good indication that something magical is going to happen soon. The fairy symbol is a sign of angelic blessings. Its an indication that you will be blessed with good fortune and good luck.

Seeing this symbol also signifies that someone with good intentions is going to enter your life. This person is likely to be female, because fairies tend to be represented as enchanting beautiful females, with wings and a shiny magic wand.

A magic wand in your dream means that you need to ward off evil. If you ask for protection you will have a blessed good life.

In your teacup you could have

  • See a fairy in your teacup.
  • Seen more than one teacup.

Meaning of the fairy in your tea leaf reading

Top of teacup: this symbol at the top of your teas leaf suggests that you have an important decision to make. To be at the very top of your teacup suggests that the dreams are likely to become a reality. It can also claim that you will possess some monetary freedom in the near future.

Middle of teacup: this symbol in the centre of your tea leaf reading shows that you've not had the opportunity to outline your own targets. It's important to realize that you need to set your own goals. If the goal is established you will achieve your dreams!

Bottom of teacup: for the fairy symbol to be at the bottom of your teas leaf is a suggestion that you need to take into consideration an offer.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012