Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

It refers to horse riding, horseback riding.

According to animism, horses have been used in a variety of cultures; the Celtics heard horse gods and even in the biblical prophecies, horses have featured throughout history. So how can we capture the magical energy of the horse when it appears in the tea leaf reading cup?

The horse represents abundance, power, and fertility. On a negative note, the horse represents doom and death as depicted in the book of Revelation in the Bible where death and hell are said to have arrived by a rider on a pale horse. So if the horse riding is an outline in the leaves then bad luck may happen, if the horse is strong and energetic, it means that fertility, abundance, and power are yours!

Detailed meaning of the equestrian tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: If the rider is on a pale horse and it appears at the top of the teacup, you must grace yourself for negativity in a family situation or due to a close relative being annoyed in life. But if the rider is a strong horse and the symbol appears at the top of the teacup, you are a lucky person. You are blessed with abundance. If you have just planted a new idea or undertaking a business venture, expect a fruitful harvest. If you wish to get pregnant (for a woman) or be blessed with a child from your wife (for a man) this will be a great time to conceive.

Middle of cup: The horse in the middle of the teacup means that bad events might happen to you or an immediate relative in the near future and if there is something you can do to stop them - then start now. If a strong horse rider is spotted in the middle of the cup, then rejoice for your cup will be full of abundance and fertility in the near future. Work hard towards achieving that.

Bottom of teacup: A horse riding at the bottom of the teacup denotes that, there is a possibility of an accident that will happen to you or your relatives in the future. Try to warn relatives to avert this calamity befalling you. If the horse rider is on a strong horse at the bottom of the cup, it means that, even if your circumstances are bad at the moment they will improve.

Everything will work out for the better and eventually you will become fertile and live in abundance.

Scattered in the cup: Scattered riders on horses in your cup means a problem will strike you or your relatives any time from now; if there is anything you can do to avoid it, including rituals, prayers, and sacrifices, please do so.

If the riders are on strong horses scattered all over, it means, anytime from now, you will be blessed with fertility and abundance.

Conclusion: your fate depends on the type of horse that appears, if the rider is on a horse that is essentially an “outline” then it is bad luck for you. If the rider is on the horse you will rejoice because the abundance and fertility is what you and your relatives will enjoy.

By Flo Saul
Mar 30, 2013