Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

In tea leaf readings the egg is a symbol of birth or fertility.

This symbol represents creation. In philosophical sense, the symbol of eggcup also represents promise and potential. In any egg lies the possibility of life which further leads to diversity.

Egg's represents the universe with sun in centre and all the other material spread around it. It also depicts migration from death to life.

To see the actual cup that holds the egg means that people are going to be friendly towards you in life. The eggcup is an omen to prompt you into trying to think about what is in store for you. It asks for you to evaluate a situation from all angles.

To see an empty eggcup predicts the fall of your actions, you need to protect yourself. If the egg is whole within the eggcup, then it represents new beginning.

If the egg is broken then it tells about possibility of failures and financial hardships. But also tells you that the problems can be overcome by action.

In your teacup you could have

  • Seen an eggcup.
  • Observed an eggcup with an egg inside.
  • Seen more than one eggcup.

Detailed meaning of seeing an egg in your teacup

Top of teacup: seeing eggcup at the top of spread tells that there is strong possibility of new beginning and change towards success. It is an omen that suggests you should put you your best efforts into a project, to minimize uncertainty and ensure success.

Middle of teacup: The egg symbol in the middle of the spread is associated with anticipated changes. If you keep moaning about things in life, your work will not turn out as expected. To see the eggcup near the handle denotes a balance of good and bad in times to come.

Bottom of the teacup: The egg symbol in the bottom of spread means continuity with little change. It represents happiness.

A large eggcup and an egg: indicates that you’re sitting on a great idea.

By Flo Saul
Oct 20, 2012