Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The eclipse is seen as a fight between the sun and the moon and thus, the appearance of an eclipse in a tea leaf reading might just be a symbol of an impending fight between you and someone who is close to you.

The sun and the moon are close and if they fight it means, there is a need for reconciliation. If you are having bad times with someone who is close to you, you will need to reconcile in order to avoid a fight happening.

This is because, even when the sun and the moon fight during the eclipse period, they reconcile in the end. The eclipse is normally pretty short, meaning, in case the fight occurs, it will be a short one. If an eclipse is a sign of a fight, then it means you will have to walk away from any situation which you might view as a recipe for a disagreement or a fight. When you have an eclipse in the tea leaves reading, it might translate to you having extra energy which is amplified, and which might lead you to be troublesome to trigger a fight.

Detailed meaning of the eclipse tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: if while performing tea leaf reading you find an eclipse on top of the teacup, it denotes that, there is a fight with someone close to you in the offing which you should avoid at all costs. You might feel energetic enough to engage in a fight, but that might just leave you with a bruised relationship with the person you fight with.

Middle of cup: an eclipse in the middle of the tea cup could mean that you might be involved in a fight in the near future with a close associate. The fight will most likely be triggered by you due to the fact that, you will be viewing yourself to be more energetic than your opponent.

Bottom of teacup: while performing a tea leaf reading and your tea cup displays an eclipse at the bottom of the cup, it will mean that, though you might be feeling strong and have the urge to fight, you won’t do it now, but it might happen sometime in the far future. The fight might be between you and a close associate or with a relative and whoever it will be, you will overpower them.

Scattered in the Cup: several eclipses scattered all over in your teacup during tea leaf reading have an implication that, you have the potential of starting a fight with someone who is close to you, anytime from now.


When there is an eclipse symbol in a tea leaf cup, it implies that there is an impending fight, which you should avoid at all cost because it will affect your relationship with the person you will fight with. Though you feel energetic and revitalized, use the energy for something meaningful.

By Flo Saul
Mar 30, 2013