Dual Symbol In Tea Leaves

What does Dual symbol mean in tea leaves

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings



Two things of the same kind or anything duplicated is a sign of stress, and calls for attention.

As a symbol it denotes duplicity and double-deal of which you may be the victim.

To see a duel or dual fuel within your tea leaf reading suggests possible conflict going forward. Maybe you see two people fighting or even a knife or implements in your teacup.


A dual in your tea leaf reading suggests that possible minor misfortunes will happen in the future. The actual placement of the symbol of a dual is important to understand.


The dual sign can also indicate you are feeling confused. You have no idea where you want to be in life, you just feel rather lost and you need to fight the sense of feeling depressed.


Let's now consider the position where we see the dual symbol.


Top of teacup: the dual symbol on top of cup indicates you know you want to be but you will find many delete delays in order to get there.


Middle of teacup: the dual symbolism in the middle of the teacup indicates that you feel abandoned by other people. You spent too many times trying to please others.


Bottom of teacup: the bottom of the teacup position of the dual symbolism indicates an argument or conflict with somebody close to you. The advice given by this interpretation is that no matter what somebody says you have to move on in life. It can suggest that you are criticized will have been criticized by others.

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