Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The drum presented within your tea leaf reading signifies that there's a threat regarding an enterprise.

When the drum is found upside down then this displays unpredicted good results!

This symbol can also suggest that an individual occasionally will hold you back through putting down your own thoughts.

To determine a wide open drum indicates it could be time and energy to take on a brand new problem.

When the drum appears near the handle this means is a secret is going to be told, although in the event the drum is in the centre of your teacup it indicates certainty and simplicity with regards to a work scenario.

The drum discloses that you need to focus on your inner mind therefore it may indicate that other people will be helping you acquire your dreams!

In your teacup you could have

  • Seen a drum.
  • Seen more than one drum.

Detailed meaning of seeing a drum in your teacup

  • Top of teacup: a drum appearing in the top position means that other people are going to provide you with opportunities in the future.
  • Middle of teacup: In the middle position the drum signifies you may have a problem that is worrying you at the moment.
  • Bottom of teacup: tea leaf oracles tend to be contradictory about the omen of the drum in the bottom position. Most of them say that you will have a good time.
  • Handle of teacup: for this symbol to appear by the handle means that business may be excellent for a short time.
  • The symbol of the drum indicates publicity which will not be altogether pleasing and may prove disastrous. To those engaged in public work, however, it denotes new enterprise and fresh conquests if the symbol is well-defined and clear.
  • A drum signifies riots and disturbances. It can be soldier or sailor, a call to arms.
  • At the handle of the cup, domestic quarrels and turmoils.
  • At the bottom, unfortunate publicity.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012