Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

To see a dot in your tea leaf reading means wealth.

To see a big lump of tea leafs is an extremely lucky omen.

This indicates that at times you have been letting other's do the hard work, is time to raise the game in the future. Importantly, you need to understand that in life things are not forever.

This omen is also associated with other people. They have been somewhat annoying in the past.

In your teacup you could have

  • Seen a dot.
  • More than one dot.

Detailed meaning of seeing a dot in your teacup

  • Top of teacup: a dot in the top position is connected to financial gain. This is a positive position of this omen. In the top position the dots can be connected to gaining a financial award. It is also important to recognize that people will be significant in your future fortunes.
  • Middle: for dot's to appear in the middle position means this is connected to having a good time, in your middle ages. This omen is associated with financial gain.
  • Bottom of teacup: this omen displayed in the bottom position is connected to financial gain through most of your life, it is successful to see dots around other symbols. It means the meaning of the symbols are more important than others.
  • Near the handle: for dot's to be positioned near the handle suggests that other people will give you some good ideas for a business proposition. This is also associated with happy and content times. It is important to recognize that we all have challenges in life and things will get better.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012