Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A dolphin is connected to emotions.

This omen promises that you will be shielded from danger while traveling over water. Additionally, it may reassure you that you will receive help in a desperate situation from an unpredictable source. A dolphin also signifies an initiation of the psychic capabilities.

This symbol also indicates that someone will pay tribute to your career skills. There may also be an allegation in connection with a relative.

In your teacup you could have

  • Seen a dolphin.
  • Seen more than one dolphin.

Detailed meaning of seeing a dolphin in your teacup

  • Top of teacup: for this symbol to appear in the top of your teacup suggests that you have great psychic abilities and you need to think about what you want from life. If you focus on this you will sure get it.
  • Bottom of teacup: at the bottom the symbol is associated with traveling over water. This also signifies a holiday home across water - perhaps you have been thinking of changing residence?
  • Middle of teacup: in the middle of the teacup the dolphin is a sign of happiness.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012