Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A circle with a line through the mi shows parting and separation.

A line of demarcation is likely to arise in your life now. There will partition of interests and defining of borders. H line is broken there will be no agreement.

Diagonal lines in a tea leaf reading signifies movement, it is representative the diagonal wands in the tarot deck.

To see diagonal lines indicates that there may be change but the direction will be pointed out to you. The lines in this sense represent a new path of life.

Diagonal lines of can appear anywhere within the tea cup. It is important for us to understand the actual placement of these diagonal lines in order to uncover the meaning.

The other important note to make is how β€œthick” the diagonal lines are. It can suggest that you can see where you want to be but you are having difficulty to know how to get there. As we have already concluded, the path will show itself.

Detailed meaning of the diagonal tea leaf symbol

Top of tea cup: if the diagonal lines appear at the top of the teacup this indicates that new starts of new beginnings will happen very quickly. Speed and actions will occur at rapid speed. If we look at the tarot the eight of wands card. We we can see that they are eight diagonal lines. These diagonal lines is representative of swift change.

Middle of teacup: for the diagonal lines to appear in the middle of the tea cup position indicates that you are feeling more in touch with your natural instincts. You are ready to make decisions about moving on in life. Perhaps you are looking at having children, meeting a new partner or returning to work. The diagonal lines in this sense means that great beginnings a new Times will happen.

Middle of teacup: diagonal lines appearing in the middle of the teacup position indicate the energies will be more balance going forward.

Bottom tea cup: in the bottom of the teacup position indicate solutions to problems. You have a real sense of wisdom about life and have mapped out the path that you should take. Sometimes however, you avoid that path and get distracted by life's problems and delays.

By Florance Saul
Mar 30, 2013